How to Remove Line Breaks in an Excel/CSV File?

If you have multiple email addresses in a cell (separated by line breaks), once it is uploaded to our platform, you will see a higher number of emails than the number of rows you have. This is because there are more emails than the number of rows in your Excel/CSV file.

Here is a sample screenshot of multiple emails in one cell:

To remove the line break between the email addresses, and have multiple email addresses in one line, follow these steps:

Open the Find/Replace command window (press Ctrl+H).

In the Find what box, place your cursor. Press and hold the Alt key and then enter “010” from your keyboard’s 10-keypad part. (Note: The numbers in the top row of the keyboard won’t work.) If ‘010’ doesn’t work try ‘013’ because the data imported from a different source might have line breaks represented by a different code.
In the Replace with box, put your cursor. Click once on your space bar. This will substitute a gap for the line break so that the email appears this way:
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Then, click Replace All.

Once the file is uploaded to DeBounce, it imports the 1st email address it found in that cell (which is [email protected] in our sample).

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