I Want an Invoice for a Custom Number of Credits

In case you need a custom number of credits that are not already listed on our pricing plans — like 300,000 credits — you can simply get an invoice for your desired amount using the below steps.

Open Price Calculator

You can find a price calculator on the pricing page of the main website or the plans page of your DeBounce dashboard.

Open it and type the number of credits you need:

As can be seen on the above screenshot, the price of the 300K validation package would be 193.33 USD.

Open A Support Ticket

The next step is to contact the support team to receive an invoice for the desired amount of credits. All you need is to click on the “Support” button on the left-bottom side of each page of DeBounce panel area.

Write down your desired number of credits on the “description” field and press send. A member of the billing team will review your request and will send you a link to purchase the credits. The invoice link starts with https://dbnc.link and is something like https://dbnc.link/FdCVe. Once clicked, it will redirect you to the PayProGlobal website checkout page (starting with store.payproglobal.com):

As soon as the invoice is paid, the credits will be added to your balance and you will receive a confirmation email from us.

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