Lead Finder Pricing

Email Finder is a tool to create possible email addresses with a given first name, last name, and domain name. It creates possible email addresses and starts validating them. Before the validation starts, we check if the provided domain name is accept-all or not. Also, we check for a possible syntax error with the given parameters. This costs you one credit under any circumstances.

If the email address is classified not to be from an accept-all email server, 34 different email addresses will be created and validated automatically. As a result, you will be charged 34 more credits. If the domain is accept-all, the process will abort and you will be charged only one credit as mentioned before.

If the option “Pause the validation process when the first valid email address is found” is selected (which is checked by default), the validation process will stop once the first valid email address is found. This helps you to spend fewer validation credits because a valid email address is already found.

You will not pay for the Unknown statuses.

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