What is Validation Credit?


Validation credits mean the number of emails you can validate. In other words:

1 Validation Credit = 1 Email Verification.

You can use the validation credits to use all our features including:

  • Bulk email validation
  • Single email validation
  • Lead finder
  • List monitoring
  • Data enrichment

Purchased validation credits never expire. There is no expiry date.

The lead finder, list monitoring, and data enrichment have special pricing models.

Lead finder

Before the validation starts, we check if the provided domain name is accept-all or not. Also, we check for a possible syntax error with the given parameters. This costs you 1 credit.

Moreover, 34 different email addresses will be created and validated. So, you will be charged 35 credits for each try.

If the domain is accept-all, you will be charged only 1 credit because the system does not start the validation process.

You will not pay for the Unknown statuses.

If the option “Pause the validation process when the first valid email address is found” is selected (which is checked by default), the validation process will stop once the first valid email address is found. This helps you to spend fewer validation credits because a valid email address is already found.

List Monitoring

We charge you 2x credits of your list size for one-month monitoring. Here are some examples of how the pricing works:

  • You need to spend 20K credits to monitor a list of 10K for one month.
  • You need to spend 1K credits to monitor a list of 500 for one month.

Since the list size may vary – or increase – over a month, we have created a “max list size” parameter. You can set this parameter to a higher number than your actual list size and the platform allows you to increase the list size according to this parameter. You also need to pay 2X of the “max list size” parameter.

Data Enrichment

Each successful enrichment request costs 2 credits. So, If you validate your email list and request for data enrichment feature, each email will cost you 3 credits (for successful enrichment requests). We count only successful email founds, so you won’t ever pay if you don’t get results!

Free Credits

DeBounce offers one-time 100 free credits for each account and can be used on all the above features, so you can test the platform. If you think you need more credits to test, you can contact the support team and they will assign more credits to your balance. The credits are one-time and will not refill at the end of the month.

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